Office-Based Ambulatory Surgery Center

While the careful selection of your surgeon remains the single most important factor in determining the success of your surgery, Dr. Gold emphasizes that you must also be equally careful and selective in choosing the facility in which your surgery will be performed. The Gold Ambulatory Surgery Center is located within our office and surgery suite.

We are proud to say that our surgery center is fully accredited by The American Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc. (AAAASF). Dr. Gold has had the privilege of serving as President of AAAASF, and is a member of the Board of Directors of Surgical Facilities Resources, the AAAASF subsidiary responsible for the international accreditation of surgical facilities throughout the rest of the world. The primary mission of AAAASF since its establishment in 1980 has been to ensure the highest quality patient care in the ambulatory surgery setting. However, the vast majority of ambulatory surgery facilities across the United States remain unaccredited, operating independent of any peer review and inspection process. Fortunately, New York State has just enacted a law mandating the inspection and accreditation of all office-based facilities administering sedation or general anesthesia, which we hope will serve as a template for similar legislation in other states.

AAAASF is in the forefront of promoting mandatory state and national legislation to provide patients with safety and quality assurance in the outpatient surgery setting, and is pleased to have worked with the State of New York in that regard. The AAAASF accreditation guidelines have been widely recognized as the “Gold Standard”, providing the highest level of safety and quality in ambulatory surgical care. AAAASF rigorously inspects and evaluates each facility seeking accreditation to ensure that it meets those Standards. AAAASF accredited facilities are continually monitored and improved through the analysis of individual facility performance compared to established standards.

Today, with over 1500 such accredited member outpatient surgical facilities in the US and an increasing number abroad, the not-for-profit AAAASF is the largest accrediting organization of its kind in the world. Dr. Gold believes that certification by AAAASF assures his patients of his commitment to a culture of safety in our office and the Gold Ambulatory Surgery Center.

Additionally, Dr. Gold emphasizes that the selection of your anesthesiologist is also a crucial factor in determining the safety, comfort, and ultimate success of your surgical experience. An excellent staff of caring, experienced anesthesiologists with particular expertise in ambulatory anesthesia, have been carefully selected by Dr. Gold to provide the anesthesia services in the Gold Ambulatory Surgery Center.

Under the direction of Kevin Glassman, MD, the physicians of General Anesthesia Services, LLP, all of whom are certified by the American Board of Anesthesia, are committed to ensuring your safety and comfort during surgery.

The Gold Ambulatory Surgery Center facility was designed by Dr. Gold and its staff of operating room and recovery room nurses and anesthesiologists are carefully selected by him to ensure that your experience with us will be a pleasant one. You can therefore be confident that if you choose to have your surgery performed here you will be choosing a facility in which the highest levels of your safety and comfort are our utmost concern.

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