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About Our Practice

Alan Gold MD Boca Raton FL | Long Island | Great Neck NYMany people choose aesthetic surgery to enhance a particular feature and give themselves added confidence in social or work situations, a psychological “boost”, or to reduce the visible signs of aging and simply help them look as young as they feel. Improving a feature of your face or body will often enhance your self-image, and may have very positive effects in many areas of your life. Dr. Gold will carefully listen to your concerns and desires, recommend and explain in detail the best procedures to achieve those or what he feels are more appropriate or advisable results, and will carefully explain all of the risks and benefits of your alternatives. By educating you as fully as possible, he strives to provide you with both an understanding of your surgery and with realistic expectations, and to ensure that when you enter the operating room together that you both share the same vision of your surgical goals. He fully realizes and is ever mindful that his success is measured by your happiness.

As a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Gold has an in-depth knowledge of the human body and the changes it goes through as part of the normal aging process and in response to external factors such as the environment and our lifestyle choices. That knowledge, his experience and aesthetic vision help him to guide you to the most appropriate choices amongst the many surgical and non-surgical options we offer to reverse, slow, or camouflage the aging process throughout the various stages of your life. While we all go through similar stages of development, face common issues in our growth and aging processes, and may share some common concerns about our appearance, as individuals we will all have unique characteristics and needs that differ. With a view towards a “Smart Beauty Guide” program, Dr. Gold will help you to define and achieve your individual goals throughout your life through a blend of cosmetic medicine and surgery.