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Lip, Cheek, and Chin Augmentation

The contours of your face can be enhanced by a variety of techniques. Chin augmentation, also called genioplasty or mentoplasty, strengthens the appearance of a “weak” or receding chin by increasing its projection. Less commonly, the width of the chin can be increased as well. While this can be accomplished either by cutting and moving the bone of the lower jaw or with the insertion of an implant, Dr. Gold prefers the implant technique. An implant is inserted either through a small incision inside the mouth behind the lower lip or through one in the skin crease beneath the chin, and is placed beneath the muscle and over the bone of the chin.

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Similarly, implants may occasionally be used to provide greater fullness and projection to the cheeks. These may also be inserted through an incision inside the mouth and beneath the upper lip or through an incision in the lower eyelid or scalp above the ear. There is another option for cheek augmentation that requires no surgical operation, which is through injection. These are much less invasive, but not permanent solutions. Either self-donated body fat or a hyaluronic acid is injected by the doctor in a method that allows it to sit on top of the bone, enlarging its prominence. Both of these materials are eventually reabsorbed into the body over time, usually around six months.

Lip augmentation increases the size of the lip for patients whose lips have lost volume with age, or who are unhappy with the natural appearance of their lips. Through injectable fillers, autologous grafts or synthetic implants, patients can achieve larger, fuller lips with minimal downtime and little to no side effects. With realistic expectations and good overall health, most patients are satisfied with the results of this procedure.

This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and requires only a local anesthetic. If incisions are needed, they are often made in the mouth to conceal any scarring. Injectable fillers produce fuller lips that last for several months, while implants can provide permanent enhancement.

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