Plastic Surgery in Great Neck NY

For more than thirty years, Dr. Gold has dedicated himself to the goal of providing unsurpassed excellence and artistry in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. To achieve the best results for his patients, he creatively utilizes all of the “traditional” as well as the “newest” and most innovative techniques and procedures, but always with his patient’s safety and best results in mind. With plastic surgery constantly in the media and with other surgeons and companies aggressively promoting themselves, their techniques or their products to the public, Dr. Gold carefully evaluates those claims to determine for his patients what may be real and beneficial for them and what is just advertising “hype”. With an artist’s eye, his procedures are always skillfully tailored to the unique needs and desires of the individual, in order to produce both a “natural” and elegant result while maintaining the desired individual “look” and character of the patient. To that end, you can be assured that Dr. Gold performs each and every surgical procedure entirely himself, of course with the assistance of the Gold Ambulatory Surgery Center’s experienced nursing staff and anesthesiologists, but with no other operating or assistant surgeon.

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To schedule a consultation with Dr. Gold or to learn more about our practice and services, please call NY-516.498.2800 or FL-561.367.9101.

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